A complete guide to finding an Iranian restaurant in Los Angeles, USA

Due to the large number of Iranians living in Los Angeles, it is natural that the number of Iranian restaurants in Los Angeles is very high. The Iranians Food taste, wherever in the world, is of interest to everyone.

Well-cooked Persian foods are very delicious for all tastes. Iranians are suitable for eating people, so they prepare many side dishes and the main meal. Side dishes like mixed pickles, pickles, lemons, yogurt, local Dough, hot peppers, and Shirazi salad are specific to Iran.

The popularity of Iranian restaurants for foreigners

Persian foods have cooked with fresh vegetables and ingredients, and the combination of ingredients in these foods is attractive for most people.

List of Persian Restaurants In US

In Los Angeles, we can see even fifty-year-old Iranian restaurants, which repeatedly gained the top rankings in this city’s restaurants.

These restaurants’ activities and services are not limited to Iranians, and the people of Los Angeles and immigrants from different countries have shown that they are fans of delicious Iranian food.

Therefore, a large number of Iranian restaurants in Los Angeles have not only commercial purposes but have a kind of publicity for Iranian culture. In some Iranian restaurants, traditional Iranian dishes are used, and traditional clothing and elements for Iranian waiters and restaurant staff, which seems very interesting to non-Iranians.

This wide range of delicious Iranian food that attracts every tourist comes from the geography of Iran. Iran is a four seasons country with a unique nature and rich culture.

During the Achaemenid Empire, Iran’s vast expanse included its neighboring countries, and in later times and various wars, Iran gained much territory. The long and famous Silk Road passed through Iran, caused so many countries to pass through Iran. Together, all of these things made Iranian food, while being influenced by other cultures, a rich and unique food culture.

Source: www.persianrestaurant.org

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