Find the Best Persian Restaurants in Rhode Island

Nowadays going to restaurants becomes a habit for most people, because they are places to gather together with our family, friends, and colleagues. Sometimes, restaurants are the best places to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries or hold an important business meeting. Furthermore, for those who are far from their country and miss it, a traditional restaurant could relieve them. In this sense, has made a list of several best Persian restaurants in Rhode Island for both this state natives and Persians. More information about Rhode Island and its Persian restaurants is given in this article.

About Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a state in the New England region of the Northeastern United States. This state shares borders with Connecticut to the west, Massachusetts to the north and east, and the south via Rhode Island Sound and Block Island Sound. It also shares a small maritime border with New York. Rhode Island is the smallest U.S. state by area and the seventh least populous (1,059,361 as of 2019), but it is also the second most densely populated behind New Jersey. Rhode Island has a humid continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters.

The population of this state was calculated 1,059,361 on July 1, 2019by, by the United States Census Bureau, and this population includes several races such as White, Black, Asian, Native, Native Hawaiian, and Other Pacific Islander and the other races. Rhode Island’s major economy is done upon fishing, but industry plays an important role in this state’s economy through toolmaking, costume jewelry, and silverware. The other economic activities include tourism, corporation and factories, banks, and taxation.

Cities in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has five counties, but it has no county governments. The entire state is divided into municipalities, which handle all local government affairs. However, this state has 39 cities and towns, among which the most important ones could be Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, East Providence, Woonsocket, Coventry, Cumberland, North Providence, and South Kingstown.

Persian Restaurants in Rhode Island

Find the Best Persian Restaurants in Rhode Island

Persian restaurants in the US have gained a reputation in Rhode Island and the other states of America. That could be because of their various traditional foods that have an amazing flavor. Among these dishes, we could mention Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheimeh, Fesenjoon, Dizi, Sabzi Polo, Zereshk Polo, Adas Polo, and several tasty kebabs such as Iranian chicken kebab, shish kebab, Koobideh, and liver kebab.

The other key factor of Persian restaurants is the hospitality of atmosphere and staff. These restaurants’ atmosphere is really warm and cozy by playing the restaurants’ cultural light music and national design. Servers and the other staff are so gentle, and they are always ready to provide your demand and desire for eating a delicious meal.

What to Look for in a Restaurant in Rhode Island?

It could be better for all those outlanders who live in Rhode Island to look for a restaurant that serves your national foods and, by providing a nostalgic atmosphere, helps you to get rid of your homesickness for your country.