Are you looking for an Iranian restaurant in San Jose?

For some people in the world, living in the United States is like a wild dream, but living in this modern and developed country is difficult.

Living in San Jose, USA, like other big cities, is expensive. Most of the people’s income in this city has been spent on taxes and travel expenses. But of course, this city has benefits to keeping people motivated.

Top Persian Restaurants In US

A part of San Jose is more like Asia. Many Asians live in this area, and of course, the number of Iranians in Silicon Valley is high.

If you are looking for an Iranian restaurant in San Jose, keep reading this article.

Looking for an Iranian restaurant in San Jose

Ziba Restaurant in San Jose is one of the first-class Iranian restaurants that present a great experience for you. In this restaurant, all the food is halal, and the quality of the ingredients is excellent.

Pomegranate paste, pistachio, rosewater, along a mix of vegetables to create a delicious taste is one of the notable features of this Iranian restaurant.

Chelokbabi is another Iranian restaurant that is forty years old. The restaurant began its work next to an apartment complex, expanded over time, and now has a complete and unique complex. The primary purpose of this restaurant is to validate Iranian food and introduce it to the world. This restaurant’s slogan is that “no one has been hungry” in this restaurant so far!

Although San Jose is an expensive city, it is possible to pay for a restaurant on weekends and special occasions. Because being in an Iranian space, with elements that remind you of your homeland, along with pleasant music and delicious Iranian food, can give you energy for a long time.

Isfahan Kebabi is another recommended place in San Jose. You can invite your foreign colleagues to this restaurant and be sure that they will have a good time.

Yas Restaurant, which has taken the approach of cooking Iranian food traditionally with original Iranian spices, is another option for you on the weekends.

If food prices are your priority when choosing a restaurant, be sure to visit Roja Restaurant, where cheap food has served along with good quality.


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