Sofreh Restaurant in New York

Our philosophy is simple – food should be authentic, well crafted, and delicious. We capture this essence in everything we create, from our homemade yogurts to our fresh-baked breads. We even make our own pickles and marmalades.
We invite you to experience our rich, slow-cooked dishes layered with delicate herbs and spices, like saffron and turmeric. Savor a classic staple like Fesenjan – a tender chicken stew simmered with ground walnuts and pomegranate molasses, served over rice. Rice can stand alone as the main course, with popular favorites like Albalu Polo, a savory sour cherry rice, and Baghali Polo, a fragrant herb rice with dill, fava beans, and roasted garlic. Awaken your palate with dishes like Kohresht Beh Aloo, an aromatic lamb and quince stew.

75 Saint Marks Avenue Brooklyn NY 11217



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