The most famous Iranian restaurants in San Diego

San Diego is a city with a mix of modern urban life and American-Spanish culture. A city where the art flourishes. The sunny weather, popular Mexican cuisine, daily life, and a walk on the beach all show a beautiful picture of San Diego. The city is located in the popular state of America, California, and has many Iranian immigrants.

The cost of living of each person depends on his lifestyle. Even if you have the same job conditions, you can’t expect the same living cost for everyone.

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See top Persian Restaurants In California

In modern American life, time is very important. Everything happens as fast as possible, and the amount of pressure and stress at work is so high that it’s almost impossible to imagine someone cooking at home and giving a lot of time to it.

Eating Persian food in San Diego

Iranian restaurants in San Diego have been activated in recent years and welcomed by Iranians and even non-Iranians.

That’s why people spend their leisure time in restaurants and cafes near their office and home. In the meantime, it will be excellent for Iranians living in this city to eat Iranian food in a Persian restaurant.

Bandar Restaurant is one of the oldest Iranian restaurants in San Diego. It had opened more than twenty years ago, and it has a cozy family atmosphere. Bandar Restaurant belongs to Behrouz Farahani, who graduated from Tehran and then moved to Vienna.

Behrouz and his wife Shokooh opened this Restaurant in a historic building in the famous Gaslamp neighborhood of San Diego.

Persian cuisine is strange, healthy, and gluten-free. Persian dishes have made from beef, mutton, chicken, fish, garlic, onion, vegetables, nuts, pomegranate, Basmati rice, and different vegetables. Iranian unique spices such as saffron, lemon, and various vegetables have delicately mixed to create a delicious taste and a balanced diet. Persian food perfectly matches today’s style of eating. From a cultural point of view, Iranian food has always been considered an art form.

Alborz Iranian Restaurant in San Diego has a beautiful atmosphere. The foods in this restaurant are unique, and the services they offer are excellent. The restaurant has a modern space that is great for spending time eating food with friends, colleagues, and family. Alborz Restaurant can accept 250 guests at a time.


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