Which Iranian restaurant should we go to in Los Angeles?

The number of Iranians living in the United States is more than one million that most of them live in Los Angeles. The part of Los Angeles where Iranians live is like a small scale of Tehran. For more than half a century, Iranian society has lived in this city.

Persian Restaurants In California

Persian Restaurants In US

Los Angeles is also a place for Iranian artists. The presence of this large number of Iranians has undoubtedly a significant impact on changing the cultural setting of this part of Los Angeles. The presence of Iranian shops, stores, and restaurants in Los Angeles has the same impact.

Great Iranian Kitchen in Los Angeles

Westwood is called the Great Iranian Kitchen in Los Angeles; This name is because many Iranian restaurants are placed in this part of the city.

Restaurants such as Sholeh, Shahrzad, and Shamshiri are among the best Iranian restaurants in Los Angeles that a wide range of Iranians living in the United States is their customer. There is a complete list of traditional Iranian dishes in these restaurants that have served with hot bread and Iranian flavors in an Iranian atmosphere with classical music.

In these restaurants, you can enjoy the most delicious Khoresh-e Fesenjān, Khoresh-e pomegranate, kebabs, and Dizi. High-quality Iranian rice, saffron smell, lemon, and hot Sangak bread are essential components.

Besides delicious Iranian food, you will find several cafes on Westwood Street that offer traditional Iranian ice creams, Shirazi Faloodeh with a combination of syrup and rosewater, popular Iranian ice cream with carrots juice, and other great desserts.

Bakeries and Iranian grocery stores are other parts of this lovely neighborhood. All of this has made Westwood Boulevard exciting, and it is to say that the largest and most diverse Iranian restaurants outside of Iran have gathered in this neighborhood.

One of the most memorable images that may be nostalgic for most Iranians’ childhood is the traditional couches with Iranian carpets and rugs, samovars, and tea and hookahs.

Iranian restaurants in Los Angeles with open space and welcoming atmosphere will remind Iranians of the same traditional atmosphere. 

On holidays and special occasions, these restaurants are so crowded that you have to wait for hours for the empty table.

Iranians living in Los Angeles did not even forget the local and traditional food of different Iran cities. Each of the Iranians has brought a piece of his city and culture here.

Source: www.persianrestaurant.org

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